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Swedish Suppliers Document for exports

In Sweden any producer who exports Forest Reproductive Material to another EU country is legally required to complete an official Information document for reproductive material moving between Member States.

An example of such a document is given above.

These documents are numbered sequentially by year eg U05/177 is the 177th issued in year 2005. The Master Certificate reference Item 3 also has a year prefix after the country initial thus S05//056. Most of the other specified information is supplied by means of tick boxes. But the full details of the place of collection, origin and category and type of material can be obtained by referring to the entry for Item 11 National register reference of basic material in the National List. In the document shown above this register reference is FP-51 Maglehem. The National List can be accessed via the following website http://www.svo.se/episerver4/templates/SNormalPage.aspx?id=12725 along with details of forest legislation in Sweden.

The above document will automatically be sent with material exported and will be in addition to the normal labels, delivery notes and invoices which may or may not also contain all or some of the statutory information required. When seed is shipped abroad the required quality information is normally provided by way of a seed test certificate.

Regions of Provenance and nomenclature

Sweden is divided into five regions of provenance for all species. The boundaries are more or less east to west and the regions are fairly similar in size and are delimited by geomorphological and climatic criteria.

Regions of Provenance

Swedish Forest Nursery Association

The forest nursery sector in Sweden is represented by an Association and can be contacted via their Treasurer Max Jensen at max@ramlosaplant.se.