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Slovenian Master Certificate

EC template

The marketing of Forest Reproductive Material in Slovenia is backed up by supplier’s documents which must be in the form laid down by the Slovenian authorities. There are different forms for seed, plants, parts of plants etc. but all are in the Slovenian language. They take the following form and are very similar for all types of Forest Reproductive Material.

However, when exporting plants, Slovenian nurserymen are almost always supplying plants for the landscape market and not for forestry purposes and are reluctant to issue the above certificates in Slovenian as they feel the importing nursery will not understand the information given. There is no provision in Slovenian law for documents other than in Slovenian to be supplied.

The Slovenian suppliers therefore issue a copy of the Master Certificate issued for the seed from which the plants were grown or in the case of seed for the seed itself. The form for the Master Certificate is identical to the format included in Annex VII of the Directive 1999/105 and an example for Fagus sylvatica is shown below with the Directive template beside it.

Because so few exported plants are destined for forestry purposes in the importing country the information provided to the Slovenian authorities is often sparse and slow in coming and this slowness is reflected in the speed at which the Slovenian authorities pass on the information to the forest authority in the importing country.