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For material collected from seed source or selected stand.

For material from seed orchard or Parents of Families

For material from clone or clonal mixture

Typical invoices for seed lots for export from a seed orchard and from a clonal mixture with  copies of the respective Master Certificates from which the seed was taken

Information document for reproductive material moving between member states.

Forest genetic resource data for 2015

A Supplier’s document is not supplied when selling seeds or plants to other countries, but along with the invoice or delivery note an office-copy of the Master Certificate issued for the seed from which the plants were grown or in the case of seed for the seed itself.

Each item on the delivery note and on the invoice is followed by the information which may be in an abbreviated form. The layout of the information can also vary from item to item but always includes the master Certificate number and its date and Register reference of basic material.

Where forest reproductive material is marketed under the provisions of Council Directive 1999/105/EC, Article 28.3 that the Master Certificate reference number is not available, and when this FRM is exported, Forest Gene Resources, Seed and Plant Quality Department issues the Master Certificate for planting stocks. In that case in gap “Other relevant information” is signed “Under Council Directive 1999/105/EC, Art. 28.3”.