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All plants exported from Ireland are required by Irish Law to be accompanied by a standard Supplier’s Document, which is entitled PROVENANCE DECLARATION FORM and sub-titled Supplier’s Document (Irish Exports). A sample of this is shown below.

From this it will be seen that the information that could be provided if all the items were filled in, is extremely comprehensive and exceeds the basic information required under the EU Directive 1999/105. In particular the Supplier must be officially registered and quote his registration number and each Suppliers Document (Irish Exports) must be given a sequential number. The other information provided may be available or deducible in the document used by suppliers in other countries but in the Irish document the information is clearly available either as tick boxes or simple script.

Provenance Declaration Form

In Ireland the common name rather than the Latin name is universally used in forestry. This is abbreviated to two capital letters which are invariably used on the labels. Thus JL is Japanese Larch (Larix kaempferi), NF is Noble Fir and SO Sessile Oak etc. Where different origins are recognised within the natural range of these forest species the second letter may be substituted, thus SS is Sitka Spruce but Sitka Spruce from Washington origin is SW and LP is Lodgepole Pine but LN is Lodgepole Pine from North Coastal origin.

Much of the information on the Supplier’s Document and Labels is duplicated on the delivery notes, advice notes and invoices. Thus the statutory information may be provided to the customer more than once. The master certificate number for each lot of plants used must be provided and checked before payment of planting grant aid can be made.


Regions of Provenance and nomenclature

Being a relatively small and predominantly maritime country only one region of Provenance has been identified for Ireland.

The information about the provenance of the seed collections in Ireland is given in coded form. For example

SW-IESLIE-A154 indicates Washington origin Sitka Spruce collected in Ireland from stand number A154 which is in Co. Sligo.

BC-IELAOI-B23 indicates Common Birch (Betula pubescens) collected in Ireland from stand number B23 which is in Co. Laois.

Similar identity codes are used for plants grown from imported seed eg

LN-UKQCI-B96 indicates North Coastal Lodgepole Pine Of Queen Charlotte Island origin collected in a stand in the UK.