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Typical Box Label

Typical Finnish Delivery Note

Plants and seed marketed in Finland must be accompanied by labels or other documents containing the information specified in the Decree of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, which are those specified in the EU Directive 1999/105.

Thus any document is suitable (labels on boxes of frozen plants, delivery notes or invoice etc.) provided all the information is available and they accompany the plants or seeds. There is therefore no standard document but a delivery note stuck to a cardboard carton in which the plants are frozen for long term storage is shown below.

When plants are sent outside Finland they will be accompanied by the usual documents in Finnish but on demand it will normally be possible to receive the documents in Swedish, German or English .

A typical delivery note which is identical in layout to an invoice is shown below. The species, type of plant and origin are in code form and therefore almost impossible for a foreigner to understand. The solution is to request a duplication of the information in the customers own language.

The details of the Finnish legislation can be viewed in English at www.evira.fi/portal/en. Here by following /plants and feeds/forest reproductive material/legislation the Act on Trade in Forest Reproductive Material (241/2002) and Decree of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry on the marketing of forest reproductive material (1055/2002) the full details can be seen. They follow very closely the Directive 1999/105.

The Finnish legislation covers Ulmus laevis and Ulmus glabra in addition to those listed in the Directive.

Regions of Provenance

The above website also provides small scale maps of the Regions of provenance for the 14 major species occurring in Finland. The details on these maps are available by clicking on the name. The different regions of provenance for each species are identified by different colours.

The maps of the regions of provenance for Populus tremula and Pinus sylvestris are accessible below.


Regions of Provenance Populus tremula

Regions of Provenance Pinus sylvestris