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Master Certificate

English Version

In Estonia the statutory information required under the Directive is provided to foreign customers by sending them along with the invoice a copy of the Master Certificate for the Basic Material. Although this is entirely in Estonian, it is set out in an identical format to that included in Annex VII of the Directive 1999/105, as follows:-

It is therefore possible by comparing the Estonian Master Certificate with the above to understand exactly what information has been provided.
Not later than one month after dispatching the Forest reproductive Material the Estonian supplier is required by law to provide the Estonian Centre of Forest Protection and Silviculture with the following information:-

1) name and address of supplier;
2) the master certificate number of the FRM;
3) the supplier’s document number and date of dispatch of FRM
to another country;
4) name and address of receiver in another country of the EU;
5) information about botanical name and nature of FRM: seeds,
parts of plants, bare root plants or container plants;
6) information about the country and region of provenance of basic
material of the FRM,
7) purpose for moving FRM between Member States;
8) quantity of despatched FRM.

As the above Centre is the same institute which issues the original Master Certificate it is able to cross-check the information provided and to pass it on to the forestry authority in the importing country on the following document in English only.