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Delivery Note and label for Plants

Delivery Note Seeds

Labels for Seeds

Seed Certificate

In Denmark there is no set format to the document which may be used to provide the statutory information required when marketing forest plants or seeds. Thus labels, delivery notes, invoices or special documents akin to certificates may be used. In practice the information is often provided in at least two of the four items mentioned above. When material is sold outside Denmark, the information on these items is written either in German or English but rarely in another language.

Below are examples of the delivery note and labels for plants and seed. Both include the statutory information.

When seed is supplied the additional seed quality information which is required is normally provided on a special seed certificate.

Special Danish considerations

The Danish legislation has been drafted in such a way that it covers both the EU Directive 1999/105 and the most recent version of the OECD Scheme for the Certification of Forest Reproductive Material. In this way other species such as Abies nordmanniana and A. procera may be officially certified by the Danish authorities.

A very large proportion of the Fagus sylvatica plants grown in Denmark are destined for use in hedging and although grown from seed which has been properly controlled and certified, during production they are withdrawn from the control process and can therefore only be sold as “not for forestry purposes”. All documents supplied with such material must be clearly marked “not for forestry purposes”. Where there is any doubt about the future destination of plants purchasers are strongly advised to check on the status of the plants before confirming an order.

Regions of Provenance and Danish nomenclature

Being a low lying country only one region of provenance has been identified to cover the whole country. Therefore there is a very simple method of identifying basic material. All selected stands are allocated the letter F and a sequential three figure number and a name eg F 741 Knuthenborg or F 480 Frijsenbirg. All seed orchards have the letters FP and a sequential number.

When a Master Certificate is allocated to a collection in Denmark it is given the code DK/Axxxx or DK/Bxxx where xxxx are four digit sequential numbers allocated year by year. A is used for indigenous and B for non-indigenous species.

Dansk Planteskoleejerforening

The forest nurseries of Denmark are members of the Dansk Planteskoleejerforening which represents them in their dealings with the Danish Authorities. Its website can be accessed by clicking here.