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Accompanying documents (Supplier's document) in Czech Language

Accompanying documents (Supplier's document) in English

Accompanying document and Plants Passport in Czech langauage

Accompanying document for seeds in Czech and English

The Czech legislation calls the Supplier’s document the Accompanying document. To date any material marketed into other EU countries is covered by an Accompanying document in the Czech language. For export the Accompanying document and the Plant Passport are sometimes combined. For seeds additional information must also be provided.

Forest Nurseries in the Czech Republic

In 1995 the Forest Nursery Association of the Czech Republic (Sdružení lesních školkařů ČR) was formed. A brief introduction and its aims can be found in German and English as well as Czech at http://www.lesniskolky.cz/představeni sdružení.
The same site gives the names of the 76 members (February 2008), its Statutes, the names of the officers and contact details.

Forest Reproductive Material Legislation in the Czech Republic.

Long before joining the European Union, the Czech Republic carefully controlled, by law, the marketing of forest reproductive material within the country. In the years prior to joining the EU, the country adhered to the Scheme for the Certification of Forest Reproductive Material operated by the OECD and as a result not many changes of significance were required in Czech law in order to comply fully with the requirements of Directive EU/1999/105.

A new Forestry Act 149/2003 was passed on 18th April 2003 to take effect on 1st January 2004. An English translation can be viewed at http://www.mze.cz/en/attachments/MZe5000_EN/149_2003%20coll.pdf , although some of the terms used seen to be badly translated. In many sections it includes requirements, when marketing material within the Czech Republic, which go beyond the requirements of the Directive.

The following map shows the Regions of Provenance in the Czech Republic. A large scale version can be seen by clicking on the pdf icon below

Regions of Provenance

The whole forest inventory in the Czech Republic is classified into four phenotypic classes A, B, C and D according to origin, volume production, morphological characteristics and health. Only categories A, B and C can be used as reproductive material with categories A and B used as selected material and C as source identified material.

The Czech Republic is divided into a natural (geobiographical) forest regions (NFR) which are used for the harvesting and utilisation of all forest species as well as for their regions of provenance. These regions and the codes, names, elevation characteristics and latitude and longitude of these regions are shown in the following map and table.

Czech Regions of Provenance

Codes, names and elevations