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The Three Autononous Regions of Belgium

The three relatively autonomous regions of Belgium (Wallonia, Flanders and Brussels) are administered separately as far as the FRM Directives are concerned.
Very few forest plants are grown in the Brussels region but large numbers are produced in Wallonia and Flanders. In the former forest plants are grown mainly for use in the mixed forests of the Ardennes, but in Flanders the great majority of forest plants are grown for export.


The supplier's documents issued by the three regions are different.


The Wallonie documents (DOCUMENT FOURNISSEUR D’ACCOMPANEMENT DE LOT DE MATERIEL FORESTTIER DE REPRODUCTION) are exclusively in French and there is one for seeds and one for plants and parts of plants.

Wallonian Supplier's document

The Supplier’s document for plants and parts of plants grown in Wallonia can be seen by clicking on the icon above.

A full explanation of the nomenclature of the Master Certificate is given in a lower section of this page.


For Flanders it has been agreed with the authorities that a common format will be used as a suppliers document by every supplier of FRM. This document may be issued in Dutch exclusively, in Dutch with French subtitles and in Dutch with English subtitles. The same document is used both for plants and parts of plants and for seeds. The three versions of the documents are as detailed as follows:

Flanders Supplier's document

Flanders Supplier's document (French)

Flanders Supplier's document (English)


Regions of Provenance and National List of Basic Material

The map of the Belgian Regions of Provenance and the National list of Basic Material (as of 14.08.2009) can be viewed by clicking on the respective icons below:

Regions of Provenance

National List of Basic Material


Explanation of the Numbering systems used on the Supplier's documents in Belgium

Two different numbering systems are used in Belgium; one for Flanders and one for Wallonia.



is an example of a number issued by the Flemish region for the Master Certificate. In this code;

"BE" stands for Belgium

"04" for the cultural year 1st July 2004 to 30th June 2005

"5VB1003" is the register number as found in the National List of Basic Material.

In this particular register number the "5" stands for the region of provenance ("Brabants District West" on Flemish territory and "Brabant" on Walloon territory).

The "V" stands for "Vlaanderen" (Flemish territory). "B" for Belgium and "1003" is the number of the stand.

In fact "B1003" was the same register number used in the original list before before the introduction of the new Directive on 01/01/2003.